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Finding the right place to seek Women’s Health care can be exhausting, especially when you’re sure you’re growing a baby. So many questions swim through our minds. Who has good doctors, the right services, and a convenient location? Do they have the resources available to help you start your family, intervene should any risks to you or your little one arrive, or treatments for postpartum-related situations? These are all valid questions expecting mothers have, which can make the hunt for a remarkable medical team during this new journey a bit stressful. Deep breaths! There are definitely options! UAB Women & Infants Center is one of them. They help make your choice a little bit easier with all the resources they have available to keep you and your growing little one healthy.

About UAB Women & Infants Center

This women and infants medical facility, located at 1700 6th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35235, opened in 2010 and has continued to be a community asset ever since. This world-class healthcare center is your one-stop shop for women’s and children’s healthcare needs. The University of Alabama and Birmingham is one of the top medical centers for obstetric and gynecology care and its research.

Every staff member strives to provide comprehensive care for women’s health, from routine gynecology and obstetrics to high-risk pregnancy, urogynecology, women’s cancers, and even infertility. Alongside women’s health, they equally dedicate themselves to extending that same level of care to infants. Their family-centered care covers routine checkups and newborn wellness care to specialized care for premature and sick newborns.

In fact, their Regional Newborn Intensive Care Unit is unlike any other in Alabama. It remains a superior choice compared to others across the country. Many of their passionate Physicians are regularly ranked among The Best Doctors in America, Inc, while their nursing staff is magnet-certified.

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Their services are among the nation’s top 20 best hospitals for obstetrics and gynecology. Their team of highly trained, certified, and experienced professionals work hard to keep it there. When it comes to your health and your baby’s health, they work diligently to provide exceptional and personalized care while building a strong doctor and patient relationship. 

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Infertility
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Urogynecology
  • Women’s Cancer
  • Newborn Intensive Care Unit 

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Did you know UAB is the only hospital in the state with high-risk maternal and fetal physicians available? These dedicated professionals are available 24/7 for any spur-of-the-moment situations giving you peace of mind knowing they are there if you need them. 

UAB Women & Infants Center

Your health is always important, even more so when your family is growing. Choosing your care team is an important decision that affects your pregnancy and birthing experience. The UAB Women & Infants Center team dedicates itself to guiding women along this personal journey while ensuring they stay healthy. Please stop in and make an appointment or visit their website for more information to ensure they are the right fit for you and your fabulous new chapter.

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