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I'm Rosa


It was a few months after my daughter's birth when I broke out the old camera (one I'd learned on through high school and college) to capture her growth, that I realized the importance of capturing every sweet moment with a little one. I was inspired to pursue a dream I'd had for a while of starting my own business to document these moments for families around me!

With the love and support of my family and even friends, I took the leap to pursue my passion of photography. Within even the first year, I was honored to be published in many photographer magazines, but that didn't compare to the joy I saw on clients faces when they talked about their experience and gratitude for the moments I was able to freeze for them!

My style is simple and true to color, providing you with images that focus on those who are important in your life in a style that is timeless and can never be replaced! I literally cannot wait to meet you and capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment. Say hello below and let's get started planning your perfect session!


ello there! I am so excited you're here! I am an Alabama born-and-raised girl with an obsession of plants, Blue Bell Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, and dreaming big about home decor. Nothing means more time than my husband and my babies, and every decision I make is with them in mind!

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A snapshot into my life

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Clara is the sweetest surprise I've ever received. God knew just what we needed when we weren't even sure we were ready! She  is my number #1 fan and my all-time favorite model!
I have the privilege of being able to stay home with her and enjoy dance parties, stomping and roaring like dinosaurs, and playing outside regularly! She also loves "watching tv together" which involves cuddling the couch under a blankie while she watches her iPad and I binge watch something on tv when I should probably be getting something done! But who can say no to that sweet face?!

My Sweet, baby girl!

Being a Mom

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Any other love language nerds out there? Mine is for sure quality time! I love a good, deep conversation with my hubs about what we've done during the day, what's on our minds, and what goals we're trying to reach! But pray for him, because he's not always prepared for all of the things on my mind, ha!

Me and my Hubs

Quality time

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My days are either very productive, or very not. There is no in between. On my non-productive days, you can find me on the couch binging Grey's Anatomy, Blacklist, or some random new show that I just started yesterday about this time and that I'm almost done with. Anyone else? Just me? Oh, okay...

Also, if it's been a particularly difficult day, you best believe I've got a huge bowl of Blue Bell Cookies 'n Cream ice cream in my lap. No other ice cream compares!

Yours truly!

Binging TV Shows

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As for those productive days, the hubs and I love to renovate our home. And by love, I mean we love the results! In the fall of 2021, we purchased a new home with great bones, but it was stuck in the 1980s. With some influence from Tik-Tok and some fixer upper shows, our slightly boujee, modern farmhouse is looking better than ever!!

A glimpse at my kitchen mid-reno

Home Renovating

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"Traveling" isn't quite as specific as I want it to be. I love "taking a vacation." For me, a vacation means sleeping in a few days, going to see the sights, shopping, and eating good food...but don't you try and convince me I can't relax! It's not a vacation if I don't make it back home feeling refreshed, you know what I mean?!

My family in Destin, FL

Taking Vacations

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Anyone else love the feature on your iPhone that shows you flashback photos from years past? I'm a huge fan of going back through old photos and re-living the memories! Moments fly by so quickly, and I'm so thankful for tools that allow us to document them and cherish them longer. My daughter even loves to look at "baby Clara" with me and cracks herself up seeing videos of herself learning how to walk, animal sounds, and so much more!

My daughter comforting her cousin

Going through old photos

My Favorite Things

Rosa is very professional, talented, and patient. Rosa not only does outdoor sessions, but she has indoor studio which is perfect for newborn sessions, colder weather, etc. The indoor studio is already set up with decor so you only have to show up photo ready. You can also order prints from Rosa, that are back within 2 days and the prints look absolutely amazing! Rosa never disappoints and always deliver exceptional work! Highly recommend!

Jacksonville, AL


Rosa did such a great job with our session! She helped with outfits and even helped me search stores for some! At the session, she was super patient with me and my son while still working quickly. She made the experience fun and stress free for both of us and we love how the pictures came out! I recommend Rosa for all your lifestyle session needs!

Jacksonville, AL

Hannah T.

Rosa is the BEST! She is so good with my Toddler. Our last session she had a bit of a meltdown, Rosa got some amazing shots (I even bought extras) and I was shocked because we were just not having a good day! 100% recommend, she will be doing all of our photos! She always makes us feel comfortable!

Jacksonville, AL

Kayla A.

We love doing pictures with Rosa! Her patience with my two small children is unmatched. She always manages to capture my babies just beautifully even when I think they aren’t cooperating. On top of the beautiful pictures that I always get, her turnaround time is one of the best I’ve ever had.

Alexandria, AL

Tara L.

100% makes you feel comfortable, is patient and listens to every request even the silliest of one’s!

Jacksonville, AL

Michelle C.

Rosa was prepared and READY from the jump! She had an amazing plan for our shoot as well as implemented some of our own ideas into the shots. I really loved her kind and outgoing personality; it really made the whole process so much smoother and fun!! 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Also, her edits are crisp and pristine.

Anniston, AL

Cindy M.

Loved my experience! Rosa is very kind and makes your experience enjoyable and comfortable! I've already booked another photoshoot and so excited to work with her again.

Anniston, AL

Kelsey S.

Rosa did an amazing job capturing my teen and her friend. The process was smooth and easy and the product was well worth the investment!!! We will book again!

Jacksonville, AL

Amy C.

Rosa is THE BEST! She worked so well with my little one. Rosa has done, and will continue to do, wonderful work! She has definitely found her calling!

Anniston, AL

Mackenzie N.


You Deserve the best

This exact moment only happens once in your lifetime. Don't let another second pass, let's document it in the way that it deserves so that you can relive it for years to come!

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