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Are you searching for quality and trustworthy childcare? Do you want a place where your little one can thrive while learning through play, making friends, and building their developmental skills under the supervision of a nurturing and diligent staff? I know it sounds like a dream, but at Elizabeth Perry Rushton Child Development Center, that’s precisely what you can expect. If you’re in the market for exceptional childcare for your little one, six weeks to five years old, you don’t want to miss this information. 

About Elizabeth Perry Rushton Child Development Center

This family-centered childcare program began in 1993. The caring members of the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham made a community-changing decision to serve their local working families by providing exceptional and quality child care. By 1995 it was fully licensed and ready to care for up to 78 children between six weeks and five years old. By 1997 it received its first national accreditation. Its amazing child Care Center is located at 2118 4th Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203, adjacent to the church. While it is close to the FPC, it is under a separate 501c3. The center is operated by a Board of Directors consisting of Rushton Center parents, FPC representatives, and, of course, local community members like yourself. 

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Classes, Tuition, and More

  • Infant I and II: $1030.00
  • Infant III/Kiddie Cubs (older infants):$1030.00
  • Safari Room (toddlers):1$1010.00
  • Busy Bees (Pre-K 1): $985.00
  • Sunshine Friends (Pre-K 2): $960.00
  • Shooting Stars (Pre-K 3): $935.00
  • Rainbow Friends (Pre-K 3): $890.00
  • Summer Camp (up to 7-year-olds): $890.00


Your little one will have the opportunity to engage and explore many extracurricular activities ranging from $15-$25

  •  Karate
  • TumbleBus
  • Soccer Shots
  • Spanish
  • Music

young baby laying on a white blanket with his arms in the air Elizabeth Perry Rushton Child Development Center


This child development Center is a loving, enriching, nurturing, and encouraging environment for children to learn and thrive. Your child will learn in a warm, inviting, and safe environment through hands-on play and lessons with the guidance of their passionate staff. They believe in family and keeping you in the loop. They even have a secured Live Camera option so you can check in and know your little peanut is getting the quality care they need and deserve. The staff also uses apps to stay connected for communication and payments making it easier for those with busy “go go go” schedules. 

Elizabeth Perry Rushton Child Development Center

Entrusting our little ones to be in someone else’s care is no small or easy decision. Knowing the staff and facility for you AND your child is essential to feel comfortable and safe. I recommend making a checklist or finding one online that suits your lifestyle, writing any questions or concerns you may have, and then making an appointment for a tour. You can make a tour appointment with Elizabeth Perry Rushton Child Development Center online. Be sure to take your trusty list and questions on the tour, so you feel confident about your choice.

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