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Finding childcare where your little one can thrive gives us parents some peace of mind when they are not with us. It’s even better when it’s hand in hand with learning opportunities that will help set them up for educational success later on down the road. Whether we need someone to care for our children when we are working or just want them to have an enriching experience, the right place for your child to be nurtured, encouraged, happy, and challenged academically is out there. It may just be with Odyssey Early Schools. They have a fantastic reputation and impressive feedback on kindergarten preparedness. They have all the right things to help your child thrive.

About Odyssey Early Schools

Founder and former CEO C. Robert Mitchell, Ph.D., held various leadership positions in some of the best systems throughout the country. With his vast knowledge of how successful schools are run and maintained, he opened Odyssey believing in the curriculum and its strong stance on age-appropriate learning. Since 1995 Odyssey has provided a safe, clean, and engaging learning environment for children. This school has won the impressive title of Birmingham’s Best Preschool for multiple years due to its staff of certified teachers using an approved curriculum. Additionally, the school possesses excellent child-to-teacher ratios paired with enriching activities! That’s pretty impressive! All three area publications, Alabama Baby & Child Magazine, Birmingham Magazine, and Birmingham Parent Magazine, gave this title.  

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When it comes to commitment, they guarantee that every preschool classroom will have at least one teacher with a four-year college degree. That degree has to be in a field related to teaching children to ensure quality education. Their entire staff is certified in both Infant and Child CPR standards for more peace of mind. They are passionate about learning and safety when it comes to little ones.  

  • Infant Program

They have four different level classes, each level staffed by three teachers and a floater to help out as needed.

  • Toddler Program

Your toddler will learn through play with centers focused on fine and gross motor skills with five different level classrooms. 

  • Preschool Program
  • This curriculum is equipped with daily lessons in reading, math, science, foreign language, and geography, as well as opportunities for positive social development and becoming confident learners. 
  • School-Age Program 
  • This small class will have individual attention in a specialized environment with tailored activities based on YOUR desires.

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Since 1995, every Odyssey graduate who has been in our program for at least two years has been able to read and write upon entering Kindergarten. No other preschool program will prepare your child for long-term academic success better than Odyssey Early Schools.

Odyssey Early Schools

Odyssey Early Schools are equipped with some of the best resources, opportunities, and tools to help your child flourish as a child and academically at both locations. You can also find more in-depth information online.


104 Heatherbrooke Park Dr

Birmingham, AL 35242


Trace Crossings

401 Emery Dr

Hoover, AL 35244

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