Aurora Midwifery in Birmingham Honors You & Your Birth Journey

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Planning your birth and deciding upon a birth location is huge, especially if you’re deciding between a hospital birth or a home birth. Aurora Midwifery may be perfect for you if you want an assisted home birth with a holistic and modern approach! Let me tell you a bit about them. 

About Aurora Midwifery

Hamilton Yarbrough, CNM, CPM, LM, and a Birmingham, AL midwife, owns Aurora Midwifery. She uses the midwifery model to ensure high-quality, empowered healthcare rapport with clients. She works eagerly to honor the ancient wisdom of women giving birth over hundreds of years with today’s modern evidence to partner with you for excellent care. Hamilton looks at a person comprehensively and integrates monitoring your safety with your physical and mental health and cultural happenings. She allows you time to process, understand the risks and benefits, and make the most informed decision. 

Aurora Midwifery aims to address the cause and to empower you to make the best decision for you, your body, and your baby.

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Aurora Midwifery offers various services for regular “maintenance” and pregnancy needs. Their services include routine and problem gynecological care, prenatal and postpartum care, midwife and doula services, and labor and birth in your home. Each plan of pregnancy care begins with a free consultation, where you can get to know one another, and they can hear about all of your hopes and dreams for a home birth. You can decide if Hamilton is the midwife for you! 

The prenatal care schedule follows standard recommendations, seeing you every 4-6 weeks until your third trimester (28 weeks), then seeing you every other week until 36 weeks, when they start seeing you every week. Aurora Midwifery spends one hour discussing you holistically, knowing that although your physical numbers matter, you are more than your blood pressure, heart rate, and baby heartbeat. This is a big difference between their schedule and typical hospital practices. You are impacted by your culture, current life events, mental health, and more. Aurora Midwifery loves having the time to understand this and how it impacts you, your physical health, and your life.

Honoring the Birth Space 

Your baby’s birth can be one of your and your family’s most joyful days. Aurora Midwifery treats delivery with respect the sacred space deserves as you bring your little one earthside. For your birth, a midwife comes to your house when you need more support and are ready for them and stay until you and your newborn are stable. They aim to do this with utmost respect and understanding of the birth space, honoring it as yours. Both land and water births are supported. As for postpartum care, they follow up with you at 24-48 hours to ensure a smooth transition after birth, then again at days 3-5, 2-3 weeks, and six weeks postpartum. Additionally, Aurora Midwifery has a la carte prenatal and postpartum available if space allows. 

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Aurora Midwifery also offers alongside care for persons with a history of cesarean birth (not currently allowed by law in Alabama) or high-risk conditions requiring a hospital birth. You have most of your prenatal appointments with Aurora. Hamilton acts as your doula in the hospital role, then resumes postpartum care 3-5 days after delivery. This allows for the personal care and preparation given in midwifery while maintaining the legality of VBACs only in the hospital. 

Aurora Midwifery

Whether you’re planning a home birth, home water birth, or are interested in alongside care, Aurora Midwifery is an excellent option for you, offering endless support throughout your journey!

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