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Doulas are so beneficial to motherhood. Whether you need one for support through your own journey or would like to begin classes to become a doula, Birthwise in Birmingham is the place to go!

About Birthwise Birmingham

Birthwise is a locally woman-owned and operated doula practice located in Birmingham. They are a group of doulas and educators working to provide seamless support from preparing for birth through parenting! They believe you should be “in” your birth, meaning being informed, choosing your birth location and team with intention, and following your instincts! Birthwise in Birmingham also believes that all families should have access to doula services, regardless of their ability to pay. That is why they support the work of BirthWell Partners, a 501(c)(3) Community Doula Project. 

BirthWell Partners hosts free childbirth classes and matches volunteer doulas with under-resourced families in the community. Birthwise in Birmingham doula support is also available on a “sliding up” scale, entailing a system that allows you to voluntarily “slide up” your fee when you feel it is appropriate. Your doula might spend five to twenty or more hours with you. Your doula might call in a backup doula to aid her if your labor is extra long or complicated. They are committed to providing you with great care throughout your labor and birth, no matter how long the journey lasts. Your contract sets a minimum fee with the option to slide up if you like.

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Birthwise in Birmingham dedicates itself to providing various services to meet your needs during this exciting time! The three most essential services Birthwise offers are birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and breastfeeding services. Their doula support package includes: 

  • a free meeting for you to interview and choose the doula that is right for you, 
  • unlimited support via email and phone, answering any questions you may have, 
  • at least one prenatal visit to discuss your birth plans, 
  • assistance with your birth plan and information about birth options, 
  • 24-hour on-call starting two weeks before your due date and continuing until your baby is born, 
  • continuity of care in your home and/or hospital once labor has begun until one-to-two hours after the birth of your baby, including the services of a backup doula if necessary, and 
  • at least one postpartum home visit to discuss the delivery of your baby and any concerns you may have and to provide breastfeeding support/information/referral as requested. 

They also have doula plus packages available with the purchase of their regular package. Birthwise has six wonderful doulas available to work with.

Each doula sets their fees and offers homebirth discounts and discounts for combining services.      

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Birthwise in Birmingham also offers a free open house every few months, where they invite everyone to come to meet their doulas and explore their facility. The purpose of this is so everyone can be comfortable. They also offer massages, birth pool rental, private and a la carte birthing classes, birth prep coaching, a Strong Parent virtual group, and Birth Doula Workshops!

Birthwise Birmingham

Birthwise Birmingham is all about following your lead and ensuring you’re comfortable and supported while on your journey, which is precisely what you want from a doula! Make sure to RSVP for their open house in person or through Zoom! 

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