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Each pregnancy is a remarkable, empowering, and intimate journey from your 1st child to your 4th and beyond. When you’re expecting, it’s crucial to know your birthing options to decide where to give birth and who to see. One option that is gaining the interest of moms-to-be is water birth. If that piqued your interest, keep reading for helpful information on water birth Birmingham AL options.

About Water Births

For many expecting mothers, laboring in warm water can reduce labor pains, the need or use of pain medicine, and lower blood pressure. The water helps to support your body and allows you to relax as your labor progresses. As your baby’s arrival grows closer, you can leave the birthing tub. Or, if your Doctor or Midwife approves, you can choose to deliver in the relaxing comfort of a birthing pool/tub. 

Water Birth Options in Birmingham AL


Aurora Midwifery

Hamilton Yarbrough, CNM, CPM, LM, and her compassionate team take their role as midwives seriously. This Midwifery makes sure to meet the midwifery model of care standards to ensure quality and confident healthcare for moms-to-be. They provide many services like Regular & problem Gynecological Visits, Prenatal and Postpartum Care, and Midwife and Doula Services. In addition, Aurora Midwifery supports both water and land births. See their services in full on their website.

Birmingham Home Midwifery 

Lauren Collins, LM CPM MSM, and her devoted team are about your experience. They aim for wholesome Prenatal Care, Labor and Birth Care, and Postpartum Care in a supportive and encouraging way. Helping teach moms to make informed choices for the water or land birth they hope for. Find out if they suit you with a free consultation on their website.

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Brookwood Women’s Medical Center

Dr.Cooper at Brookwood has been encouraging and advocating for the ability to allow water births, not just water laboring, in hospitals. While water birth. It may not be for every they see where it can benefit both mom and baby. They use large inflatable ribs with liners for optimum comfort. Check out the many other features they offer mothers for labor and delivery.

Princeton Baptist Medical Center

This staff is well skilled and known for their low intervention births. They support the option of a water birth that allows mothers to labor calmly and move freely to easily change birthing positions. They have a list of fantastic birthing opportunities on their website.

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Pool Rental

So, you’ve decided on a water birth but need a pool? Birthwise in Birmingham has everything you need and will guide your selection based on your accommodations. The cost for birthing pool rental is $125 and includes:

  • Delivery and pickup
  • Single-use pool liner
  • Air pump to inflate and deflate pool
  • Water pump to empty the pool

Water Birth Birmingham AL

Ready to immerse yourself in your birthday journey? Contact a midwife or location for a supportive doctor and start planning your Water Birth in Birmingham, AL.

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