Home Birth Birmingham: Midwives That Support Your Birth Plan

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Not long ago, the practice of home births was not legal in Alabama. In 2017 that changed, allowing credentialed midwives to become licensed by the state to attend out-of-hospital births and provide prenatal care for low-risk pregnancies. Suddenly, after more than 40 years of no midwives, the state certified the first Professional Midwife in 2018. Consequently, this certification opened the gate for more midwives and made home birth in Birmingham a safe and viable option for mothers to give birth in the comfort of their homes. 

If you are interested in home birth, there are some things to consider, like who you will see and be present at your delivery. So choosing the proper care professional for you is an important and personal choice. Without a doubt, for an in-home birth, you need to contact a midwife. Establishing care with your chosen midwife before planning to become pregnant or as soon as you find out you are expecting is best. However, scheduling routine care with an OB may not be necessary but can be established so that you have a seamless transition if any complications arrive. Most midwives have no problem working alongside your OB/GYN and Primary Care Physician.

After you choose a midwife, set up a consultation; from there, they will help you create a birthing plan, establish your routine care, set up for birthing, and give postpartum care. However, a midwife may not provide care for high-risk pregnancies, multiples (twins and more), or for prior cesarean deliveries (VBAC).  

3 Midwives for Home Birth in Birmingham

Not sure where to look? Here’s a selection of great options!

Birmingham Home Midwifery

Lauren Collins LM, CPM, MSM, and her birth assistants believe in compassionate and evidence-based maternity care. They are devoted to providing positive, comprehensive, family-centered, and individualized care to each mother-to-be and family. 


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Aurora Midwifery

Hamilton Yarborough CNM, CPM, LM, and her team strive for quality, safe, and empowered healthcare for women. Because of this, they take a holistic and modern blended approach to their services to ensure mother-to-be and baby are well cared for physically and mentally in their Birmingham home birth. 


Midwife Rebekah

Rebekah CPM, LM, NARM was the first woman to receive her Midwifery license in Alabama in 2018. Rebekah and her dedicated team committed themselves to providing professional holistic and individualized care for women. Each pregnancy and birth is a unique and beautiful journey, and Rebekah prepared herself and her team to guide you through it. 


  • Prenatal Care
  • Labor and Birth Care
  • Postpartum Care
  • Custom Home Birth Kit

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Home Birth Birmingham

Ultimately, pregnancy and birth are life-changing experiences; no matter if it’s your first or last, each one is unique. So, if having a supportive team in the comfort of your home during this intimate and empowering journey sounds right for you, call a midwife and discuss your options about home birth in Birmingham

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