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As you’re awaiting the arrival of your little one, so many thoughts must be swirling around in your head. Especially if this is your first child! Thankfully, so many birthing classes in Birmingham, AL, can help guide you on this new journey into parenthood. Keep reading to find out more about where you can find classes and what they offer! 

3 Locations for Birthing Classes in Birmingham, AL

Birthwise In Birmingham

Birthwise in Birmingham offers A La Carte childbirth classes for growing families to help build self-esteem, deepen relationships with each other, and enhance bonding with your newborn. These eight two-hour classes create a series of pregnancy to postpartum while giving you the freedom to choose only what fits your needs. This center has three instructors with multiple children and years of experience. 

The a la carte birthing classes in Birmingham are $60 per class, or bundle packages are available. They are currently all virtual and include:

  • Birth Prep Essentials: Critical Skills for Better Birth 
  • Instinctive Birth  
  • Navigating your Hospital Birth Part I: 
  • Navigating Your Hospital Birth Part II: 
  • Comprehensive Comfort Measures:  
  • Getting the Breast Start
  • Welcome to Parenting!
  • Soothe & Sleep

Additionally, private childbirth classes are available for those who can’t attend the regular classes or are close to their due date. They are customized to suit your particular needs and start at $80 for virtual and $100 for in-person.

You can visit Birthwise in Birmingham at 817 Essex Rd Birmingham, AL, US 35222

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Brookwood Baptist Health

Brookwood Baptist Health holds a wide variety of birthing classes in Birmingham, AL. While their schedule is ever-changing, they offer a few frequent classes!

  • Virtual Prepared Childbirth Class
  • Birth Navigator for Twins or More
  • Virtual Breastfeeding 
  • Understand Birth eClass

You can visit their website for a specific class schedule and go to Brookwood Baptist Health in person at 2010 Brookwood Medical Center Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209.

Grandview Health

At Grandview Health, they strive to make sure your pregnancy and birth process is both memorable and healthy. They offer a variety of birthing classes in Birmingham, AL, monthly. At the time of this blog, all classes are currently virtual, but be on the lookout for in-person courses as well! 

Each month, the prenatal education team goes over all things childbirth with expecting parents. They have standard, individual classes for parents-to-be, including What to Expect During Labor and Delivery, Pain Management Options, Breastfeeding 101, and Caring for Your Newborn. However, they also offer some specialty classes, including:

  • Gift of Motherhood
  • Daddy Boot Camp 
  • Comfort Measures in Childbirth

There are so many options for birthing classes in Birmingham, AL, that are ready to prepare you for parenthood. The learning is endless, from basics such as breastfeeding, labor and delivery, and partner support to having twins, dealing with discomfort, and a full daddy boot camp. So, schedule your next birthing class at one of these locations!

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Birthing Classes in Birmingham, AL

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