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As you go through your pregnancy journey, keeping up with your mental and physical health will be vital for you and your baby. These prenatal yoga studios in Birmingham can assist with this! Prenatal yoga is one of the best ways to stay active during pregnancy. In addition, it allows you to bond with your baby while connecting with physical, mental, and emotional changes that continue during motherhood. Keep reading to see what these prenatal yoga studios in Birmingham offer!

Prenatal Yoga Studios in Birmingham for Your Mental and Physical Health

Villager Yoga

Prenatal and postpartum yoga in Birmingham will help you find comfort and ease. At the same time, you celebrate and cherish the growth of your family. At Villager Yoga, prenatal yoga in Birmingham allows you to connect to your strength, flexibility, steadiness, and ease. Several classes offered at Villager Yoga, including prenatal yoga, create a peaceful environment to explore the many changes that come with pregnancy

As a new mom, you have the option to engage in outdoor classes, studio classes, and live streaming classes. You also have access to the pre-recorded online gallery. There is a class for everyone, no matter what level or expertise you are in your yoga journey. During the prenatal yoga classes, breathing exercises and visualization are introduced to aid labor and delivery and reduce overall stress. You can start classes as early as you feel comfortable and continue taking classes even after your little one arrives. 

Once your little one arrives, you can attend the Parent and Baby Yoga class. The class focuses on allowing you to strengthen and soothe your body while creating a centering, peaceful environment to share with your baby. This prenatal yoga class is laid back, beginning with some social time for moms and babies and checking in on mom’s physical needs. You can bring your baby to the class, engage with them, interact with other new moms and babies, and spend time with your little one. 

Reach out for more information on classes for prenatal yoga in Birmingham and so much more via email, Facebook, or Instagram. 

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Earthkeeper Yoga

Earthkeeper Yoga has prenatal yoga classes in Birmingham that focus on exploring the body, breath, and the benefits of yoga. The prenatal classes are designed to break down postures and breath in a workshop-style class that encourages and supports new moms. 

In addition, the prenatal yoga class focuses on strengthening muscles related to supporting a pregnant body. The skills you will learn in classes for prenatal yoga in Birmingham will improve circulation and increase overall comfort. At the same time, specific postures assist with keeping the sacrum balanced to help position the baby for optimum labor and birth conditions. 

Earthkeeper yoga offers in-person, private, group, and outdoor classes. You can drop in and try a single class any time for $18, buy a 5 class pass for $70, a 10 class pass for $139, or a 20 class pass for $275. For a more individualized experience, you can have a 60-minute one-on-one private lesson for $75. You can visit the studio or contact Earthkeeper Yoga on their website to obtain more information on your prenatal yoga journey today! 

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Prenatal Yoga Birmingham

Take a load off and relax, sweat a little, and reach your pregnancy goals while trying new and exciting classes at these studios for prenatal yoga in Birmingham. 

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