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It is the middle of the night, and you have tried everything to get your precious little one to eat. Nothing seems to work! Never fear, as there is help out there for you. Whether they have trouble latching, you have a low milk supply, or you cannot get that pump to work right, it is draining and frustrating, and you may feel that there will never be a resolution. Check out several lactation consultants in Birmingham to get the help you need. 

3 Lactation Consultants in Birmingham

Birmingham Breastfeeding

Birmingham Breastfeeding is a lactation consultant here to help you overcome feeding challenges and meet your breastfeeding goals from your home. The founder and owner of Birmingham Breastfeeding is not only a lactation consultant, but she is also a pediatric nurse. Their primary focus is in-home consultations. However, they offer virtual consults to anyone who requests them. In addition, they offer prenatal, post-partum, and follow-up lactation consultations, as well as breastfeeding classes.

Birmingham Breastfeeding partners with the Lactation Network, so for specific insurance plans, several of your visits will be at no cost. They will figure all of that out for you and help you every step of the way. You can verify your coverage on their website before scheduling your visit. So, you will know everything upfront before choosing this fantastic lactation consultant in Birmingham. At Birmingham Breastfeeding, they made it their job to make you feel prepared, confident and encouraged about your breastfeeding journey.

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Central Alabama Lactation Consultants

Central Alabama is a lactation consultant in Birmingham. At Central Alabama Lactation Consultants, they believe the experience matters. Each lactation consultant has an average of ten years of experience as a lactation consultant and experience as an RN. They offer in-home services as well as telehealth appointments.

The lactation consultants can help you with painful latching, problems with milk production, transitioning back to work, issues with the baby’s weight gain, and any other breastfeeding issue you may have. They also have a spot on which you can check to see if your insurance covers your visits. You can book your appointment online or follow them on Instagram or Facebook as one of the best lactation consultants in Birmingham. 

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Birthwise in Birmingham

Birthwise is a Birmingham lactation consultant offering online, home, and hospital visits and unhurried personal attention to help you start breastfeeding. Also, to make sure breastfeeding is going well. Your initial visit will cost $120, will last about two hours, and will include troubleshooting your breastfeeding needs and concerns. Any visit after the initial visit costs about $60 per hour, so you can customize your needs anytime that you would like.

Virtual breastfeeding support costs $60 per hour, but a ten-minute consultation is entirely free. They do not take insurance at this time, but all payments can be made easily by Venmo or Paypal. In addition, Birthwise in Birmingham offers a breastfeeding class via Zoom several times a year. You can contact this personal and caring lactation consultant in Birmingham by phone or online on the website. 

Lactation Consultant Birmingham

Having a new little one can be overwhelming, and issues with breastfeeding your baby can make things much more complicated. Every baby is so different, making every breastfeeding relationship different as well. There are so many fantastic lactation consultants in Birmingham that are here to help, be sure to check them out today!

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