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Are you a stay-at-home mom needing some time out of the house? Or a working mom wanting to spend some quality time with the kids? Mommy and me programs can benefit moms of all kinds and their kids. These mommy and me classes in Birmingham, AL, are perfect for you and your babe to have fun and hang out!

3 Mommy and Me Classes in Birmingham, AL for You and Your Kids


Kindermusik’s curriculum and expert educators provide engaging musical learning experiences during the years most critical to brain development. At Kindermusik, their educators never stop learning and training so that they can understand your child and how music scientifically impacts their development. 

The classes are designed to meet the needs of each child. They do this through singing, movement, instrument play, dancing, bonding, storytime, class rituals, intentional touch, vocal play, and so much more. 

Kindermusik hosts eight classes, starting at two months of age. They have custom prices for different age ranges or needs, so it’s best to call them at (205) 568-6702 for any needs you may have. 

Kindermusik is located at 1114 Oxmoor Road in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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Briarwood Ballet

Classes at Briarwood Ballet are offered at progressive levels. They include creative movement, pre-ballet, classical ballet, and modern, for three-year-olds through high school. The 119 campus offers ballet for ages K4-4th grade. In addition, an annual spring performance offers older students performing experience and is open to the community at large. 

Scholarships are offered to students based on need. Their mommy and me class is an eight-week class designed for 18-36-month-olds and their moms or caregivers. Check out their website for updated dates on mommy and me classes! 

Briarwood Ballet is located at 2200 Briarwood Way in Birmingham, AL. 

Mommy and Me Time Fitness

Mommy and Me Time Fitness is a locally operated organization started by a mom who wanted to work out and encourage healthy habits for her family while still spending time with her baby. They hold many classes at different locations. They offer Mommy And Me Time Fitness Classes, essentially an interactive workout where you can bring your child and welcome children of all ages. 

Each class features a different and unique interactive workout for you and your child. You’ll get a great workout while enjoying a fun time with your little one! There are no childcare concerns or additional time away from your children outside of work and school. 

Their classes offer the perfect way for families to get and stay healthy together. They also allow moms to show their little ones from a young age how necessary and how fun fitness can be. Their mommy and me classes are ongoing and continuous. Mommy and Me Time Fitness had six class options: group, bundled, unlimited, private pilates, and private fitness sessions. They also offer birthday parties at custom rates! 

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Mommy and Me Classes Birmingham AL

Any of these mommy and me classes in Birmingham, AL, offer an excellent opportunity to have fun with your kids! So, go out and see the best fit for you and your little one by trying them all! 

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