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Routine gynecological care is necessary, ensuring you’re at your best health, whether you are in for your yearly checkup or need care throughout pregnancy. Luckily, OBGYN Associates of Alabama offers it all and can provide you with care for whatever you need. Here’s a little about the practice! 

About OBGYN Associates of Alabama

With three convenient locations throughout Alabama, OBGYN Associates of Alabama has been the leading provider of OBGYN health care in the Birmingham area since 1965. OBGYN Associates of Alabama is a group of experienced and personable physicians with a history of high-quality care. Not only do they offer a full range of women’s health services, but they compassionately collaborate with you as you go through the transitions of life. Throughout your life, you can count on the team at OBGYN Associates of Alabama to be there for you, starting from your first period, childbirth, menopause treatment, and everything in between. 

OBGYN Associates of Alabama’s priorities include striving for medical excellence, being sensitive to patients’ needs, and providing convenient locations and services. As OBGYN Associates of Alabama continues to expand into new and exciting frontiers, their vision remains focused on the following: 

  • providing excellent care, 
  • sensitivity and compassion, 
  • professional counseling, and 
  • educational resources for women of all ages throughout the various stages of life.

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OBGYN Associates of Alabama offers various obstetrical and gynecological health care services. Their staff of doctors has a wide range of experience and passions, but one thing their team always values is your wellness and comfort. Regardless of your age or reason for scheduling an appointment, they understand that reproductive health can be a sensitive topic that is sometimes difficult to discuss. They prioritize developing relationships with their patients so you can feel comfortable discussing anything you need. As part of their gynecological care services, OBGYN Associates of Alabama offers care for: 

  • menstruation, 
  • fertility, 
  • menopause, 
  • family planning, 
  • sexual health, 
  • ovarian cysts, 
  • breast exams, 
  • endometriosis, 
  • urinary incontinence, 
  • Mona Lisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation, and 
  • congenital abnormalities. 

They also provide bone density care, mammography, and hormone replacement therapy. As for obstetrical care, whether you have the nerves of a first-time mother or feel confident in your birth plan, the team at OBGYN Associates understands that every pregnancy is different. They’re proud to offer mothers and babies personalized care in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Each of their doctors takes time to sit and talk with you and understand your medical history, goals, and concerns. Their goal is to make your pregnancy as healthy and stress-free as possible! OB services include: 

  • preconception counseling, 
  • reproductive medicine, 
  • prenatal visits, 
  • birthing options, 
  • 3D/4D ultrasounds, 
  • SneakPeek testing, 
  • labor and delivery, and 
  • postpartum depression services.  

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OBGYN Associates of Alabama also offers a SmartFit weight management program. The SmartFit weight management program is a medical program that provides fantastic results. You can create a tailored plan specific to your needs by partnering with a trained medical professional. There are countless weight loss programs, but SmartFit is the best for sustainable weight loss. This medically-managed weight loss program offers numerous benefits over traditional replacement foods or points-based systems. 

Your doctor evaluates your medical history and lab results to formulate a plan that unlocks your true weight-loss potential. SmartFit’s program is based on bariatric principles that combine individualized nutritional plans with a formulated supplement system. Your personalized weight-loss plan frees you from hunger by including the perfect combination of balanced nutrition, medical supervision, supplements and injections, and FDA-approved medication (if recommended).

OBGYN Associates of Alabama

OBGYN Associates of Alabama are genuinely equipped to handle and treat anything you may need, offering various services. They have their patient’s health and comfort in mind and provide free consultations so you can decide for yourself if they are a perfect match!

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