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For expectant parents, getting the best possible care during pregnancy and beyond is of utmost importance. But an experienced team of OB-GYNs, certified nurse midwives, and an entire team of medical professionals is most important. Because of this, Ascension St. Vincent Labor and Delivery in Birmingham, Alabama gathered an incredible team. Additionally, they strive to give women a place where they will feel valued, respected and empowered to have their optimal birthing experience. 

About St. Vincent Labor and Delivery

The OB-GYNs at Ascension St. Vincent’s in Birmingham deliver individualized expert care for women before, during, and after pregnancy. First-time mothers and experienced moms can rest assured that they’ll receive the best medical care for their bodies unique needs. Medical staff at this location respect women’s preferences for labor and delivery and encourage families to ask questions. A highly qualified medical professional team provides care for women and their babies during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. Patients can access an experienced team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists for pregnancies involving complications of any kind. You can visit them at 810 St. Vincents Drive Women and Children’s Center, Fourth Floor. Birmingham, AL 35205.

When you give birth at Ascension St Vincent’s Birmingham, you will automatically be connected to a network of experienced pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and pediatric emergency care. 

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The Birth Suites at Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham give women access to an experienced care team ready to provide them with support from pre-pregnancy planning to pregnancy and beyond. Your team might include OB-GYNs, certified nurse-midwives, neonatal nurses, and more. All of them are ready to answer whatever questions and concerns you might have during the process. 

Services include:

  • 24/7 OB emergency care.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • Childbirth classes.
  • Labor/delivery/postpartum care.
  • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists.
  • Neonatal specialty care.
  • Neonatal intensive care. 

A virtual tour of the birthing suites is available on their website. You will have a private room and bathroom when you give birth at this birthing center. Families will stay in the same room for labor, delivery, and postpartum until they are discharged. Mothers will receive 24/7 nursing care and access to lactation consultants during their stay. Birth suites have adjustable beds, a large private bathroom and shower, comfortable seating for visitors, and a couch that converts into a bed. Rooms are warm and inviting but are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology. 

The facility also has a Level III NICU for babies that need more specialized care. 

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Classes are available on various topics, such as lactation consultations, safe sleep for infants, Spinning Babies, understanding birth and newborn care, breastfeeding, infant and child safety, understanding multiples, and more! 

Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham also offers care for high-risk pregnancies. When a pregnancy becomes high risk, your OB might refer you to maternal-fetal medicine specialists who provide early and regular prenatal care and monitoring throughout the pregnancy. The MFM specialist collaborates with your OB to support women through high-risk pregnancies. MFM specialists offer care for multiples pregnancies, gestational diabetes, babies with congenital abnormalities, mothers with high blood pressure, NICU care, managing preeclampsia, and miscarriage prevention. 

St. Vincent Labor and Delivery

Giving birth at the Birthing Suites at Ascension St. Vincent Labor and Delivery in Birmingham ensures families the best possible outcomes for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and beyond. With access to a skilled team of physicians and specialists, mothers and babies are well taken care of during pregnancy and postpartum. 

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