Catch Up On Your Sleep by Using a Night Nurse Birmingham AL

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Consider hiring a night nurse in Birmingham, AL. It’s no secret that a devastating lack of sleep is one of the most significant changes that come with a new baby. Unfortunately, when new parents are exhausted, they are deprived of the energy to provide quality care for their babies.  Night nurses can come in handy, providing overnight care while moms and dads get plenty of much-needed sleep. Check these out and see if one is right for you!

A Night Nurse in Birmingham, AL, Could Help You Sleep Again

What Is a Night Nurse?

Like nannies who care for children during the day, a night nurse or nanny changes, swaddles, feeds, soothes, and cares for babies throughout the night. As a result, parents can get some much-needed rest. In today’s age, it is far more common for both parents to be working. A new baby can put even more strain on day-to-day life, particularly once maternity leave ends.

A night nurse in Birmingham, Alabama can offer assistance immediately after birth and in the months and years following. As a result, parents can maintain their sleep routine and know their child is safe under the watch of a responsible adult. Night nurses can also teach new parents how to care for their babies, including creating healthy sleep habits, swaddling, and soothing bottle prep and feeding. Some may even offer breastfeeding support. 

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Nurse and Nurture

Nurse and Nurture provide overnight care and services for families with infants and babies. Their nurses typically work 8 to 12-hour shifts and can be hired anywhere from one to seven days or nights a week. Most of their nurses work night shifts, but a few specialize in daytime services. Unlike other childcare services, they don’t require a contracted length of time because they understand that the needs of families may vary from week to week. Owner Abbey Busch has been an RN working with pediatric patients throughout her career. Her experience has led her to put counseling and to advise new parents at the forefront of Nurse and Nurture.

Their commitment to hiring only exceptional nurses to care for clients sets them apart. All N&N RNs must hold active RN licenses and have worked at least two years in a related clinical field with infants. They also must maintain CPR certification and pass criminal background checks. Parents who hire N&N know their nurse will remain awake and alert throughout the shift. They are confident their nurse will provide Nightly Activity Logs that accurately document all feedings, diaper changes, etc., come morning. 

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Nanny On Wheels

A nanny with over 16 years of nannying experience, Carla Jones owns Nanny on Wheels. She provides children with the same kind of love and attention they receive from their parents and shares a special rapport with grown-ups. Her care often leads to her becoming a part of the family. Nanny on Wheels firmly believes it truly takes a village to raise a child. Carla believes she is a part of your village. While she offers daytime nanny services, night nannying is also available. She can care for up to four children and works with newborns through five-year-olds.  

Night Nurse Birmingham, AL

Hiring a night nurse is often a luxury. Still, for some families, it is an investment to keep life running smoothly and efficiently, even if only for a night or two per week. A night nurse in Birmingham, AL, could just be the blessing you have been waiting for, so you can ensure you are ready to take on each new day. Consider hiring a nurse to help you care for your baby overnight and allow you to sleep again!

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