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Mom to be holds her bump while wearing an off the shoulder red maternity dress Brookwood Women’s Center

Finding quality healthcare, especially during pregnancy and postpartum, is important for women. Access to exceptional medical professionals and the best medical technology is important for women as they navigate essential parts of their life, including pregnancy and childbirth. Women can access top-of-the-line compassionate care at Brookwood Women’s Center in Alabama. 

About Brookwood Women’s Center

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Drive

Birmingham, AL 35209

Brookwood Women’s Center is a medical practice that understands that having a baby is one of the most significant life events for a woman and her family. The team at Brookwood Women’s Center is delighted and honored to be a part of this exciting time for families. The medical team also aims to provide high-quality medical care and services specially designed for women and their new babies at this practice. 

Brookwood Women’s Center consists of a team of doctors and nurses who work with patients to provide quality, compassionate medical care. Doctors also reach out to the community to improve healthcare outcomes for all women. 

The Women’s Medical Center offers a variety of classes, programs, and other learning opportunities so that women can be educated and empowered to: 

  • face every stage of life, 
  • enjoy healthy living, and 
  • access preventative care. 

Mom-to-be holds the train of her maternity gown in an evergreen forest


Brookwood Women’s Center features private labor and delivery suites with five-star amenities. The Women’s Medical Center commits to ensuring every new baby arrives comfortably and easily. Exceptional care is available through anesthesiologists (available 24 hours a day), maternal-fetal medicine specialists, and Level III NICU. 

Brookwood Women’s Center prepares for all types of labor and deliveries. There are also a variety of prenatal education classes available, as well as breastfeeding support. 

This medical center also features spacious mother/baby rooms tastefully appointed with the following: 

  • amazing views, 
  • ample storage, 
  • comfortable sleeping accommodations for the birthing support person, and 
  • a large bathroom with a shower and bidet. 

Other amenities include: 

  • access to lactation consultants, 
  • a Level III NICU, 
  • newborn photography, 
  • family-centered care, 
  • cord blood donation, and 
  • pasteurized breast milk for mothers who want to use donor milk. 

Postpartum support is available in the weeks following a baby’s arrival, from breastfeeding support groups to community connections to access to a lactation center. 

The Lactation Center also features several programs and services, including: 

  • office consultations, 
  • in-hospital assistance and education, 
  • breast pump rentals, 
  • breastfeeding equipment, 
  • educational material, 
  • a prenatal breastfeeding class, and 
  • a breastfeeding helpline for assistance with common problems. 

Mother-to-be stands by an evergreen tree holding her bump in a red maternity gown Brookwood Women’s Center


Brookwood Women’s Center offers many specialty services, including Cord Blood Donation. Mothers can make a difference for patients facing life-threatening conditions by donating their newborn’s umbilical cord blood. This blood can be used for a stem cell transplant for a patient whose life may depend on it. 

This medical practice offers a unique streaming service called NICView Streaming Camera System for NICU parents. This innovative, small camera system transmits live images for patients and family members to view their babies remotely when they can’t physically be at the NICU. These cameras are mounted at each baby’s bed space and help families bond with their preemie when they can’t be in the NICU. 

Brookwood Women’s Center

In conclusion, women can access high-quality medical care at Brookwood Women’s Center in Alabama. With a range of services and state-of-the-art facilities for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery, this medical center is an excellent location for women to receive the best possible medical care as they navigate their health and parenthood journey. 

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