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It was a few months after my daughter's birth when I broke out the old camera (one I'd learned on through high school and college) to capture her growth, that I realized the importance of capturing every sweet moment with a little one. I was inspired to pursue a dream I'd had for a while of starting my own business to document these moments for families around me!

With the love and support of my family and even friends, I took the leap to pursue my passion of photography. Within even the first year, I was honored to be published in many photographer magazines, but that didn't compare to the joy I saw on clients faces when they talked about their experience and gratitude for the moments I was able to freeze for them!

My style is simple and true to color, providing you with images that focus on those who are important in your life in a style that is timeless and can never be replaced! I literally cannot wait to meet you and capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment. Say hello below and let's get started planning your perfect session!

Your Fun-Loving Calhoun County Maternity, Newborn, Milestones, and Senior Photographer

ello there! I am so excited you're here! I am an Alabama born and raised girl with an obsession of Blue Bell Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, a clean house, and dreaming big about home decor. Nothing means more to me than my husband and my daughter, and every decision I make is with them in mind!


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The #RGP

As a mom of a toddler who has already been through many phases, I know how children can be! Who am I kidding, most dads and many moms don't even like being in pictures...but we understand the importance of capturing milestones, growth, and fleeting moments. This is why, with Rosa Grider Photography, you will enjoy a relaxed environment and session. I will always walk you through each and every part of your session, posing you in a flattering and enjoyable fashion! Instead of rushing or pushing children to do something they aren't prepared for, I play with them and help them warm up naturally! Shorter sessions may seem stressful, but they are just enough to capture that perfect Christmas card photo without taking so much time away from your day. Plus, I always send clients home with a treat afterwards!

Where Genuine Emotions are Captured
During Stress-Free Portrait Sessions


2022 Limited Edition Christmas Sessions:

November 5: Indoor Session (NO Santa)
November 12: Santa Indoor Session
November 19: Christmas Tree Farm

Everything I do is custom.
Simply build your own collection.


First, Book with your $100 Session Fee

This $100 session fee officially reserves your time on my calendar, and it covers my raw costs and the time going into the prep, the session itself, and the editing of your photographs. It does not include any digital photographs. That's the next step! :)

Our time may be short and sweet, but we're going to have the best time ever! And don't you worry - I'll be guiding you through everything.


Here, you can get exactly what you want. Simply choose the collection that best suits what you are wanting regarding both high-resolution digital photographs and a COMPLIMENTARY artwork credit. Let's get these cherished memories on your wall - or use the credit for the Christmas cards that you're so excited to share with friends and family!


Now that you've chosen your collection, I will deliver your chosen photographs and send you your complimentary artwork credit. Simply choose whichever artwork you want within your online gallery and apply that credit to your total cart value. It's that easy! And I'm here to answer any questions for you along the way.

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Q: So, What's the Investment?

A: Totally Your Call!

And add on any a la carte items.


*** A 9.5% sales tax will be added to all packages and options.
*** Custom payment plans are available.

Yep, It's That


Q: So, What's the Investment?

A: Choose Your collection

Collection II

6 Digital Photographs
$100 artwork credit
Online Gallery

$100 session fee
+ $300

Collection III

3 Digital Photographs
$50 artwork credit
Online Gallery

$100 session fee
+ $150


Collection I

All Digital Photographs
$200 artwork credit
Online Gallery

$100 session fee
+ $500

Rosa is very professional, talented, and patient. Rosa not only does outdoor sessions, but she has indoor studio which is perfect for newborn sessions, colder weather, etc. The indoor studio is already set up with decor so you only have to show up photo ready. You can also order prints from Rosa, that are back within 2 days and the prints look absolutely amazing! Rosa never disappoints and always deliver exceptional work! Highly recommend!

Jacksonville, AL


Rosa did such a great job with our session! She helped with outfits and even helped me search stores for some! At the session, she was super patient with me and my son while still working quickly. She made the experience fun and stress free for both of us and we love how the pictures came out! I recommend Rosa for all your lifestyle session needs!

Jacksonville, AL

Hannah T.

Rosa is the BEST! She is so good with my Toddler. Our last session she had a bit of a meltdown, Rosa got some amazing shots (I even bought extras) and I was shocked because we were just not having a good day! 100% recommend, she will be doing all of our photos! She always makes us feel comfortable!

Jacksonville, AL

Kayla A.

Somehow I leave frustrated that she [toddler] doesn’t cooperate and smile and yet still I’ve only narrowed these pictures down to 20. I honestly don’t have a clue how you do it but I am so thankful you do. 

Alexndria, AL

Tara L.

100% makes you feel comfortable, is patient and listens to every request even the silliest of one’s!

Jacksonville, AL

Michelle C.

Rosa was prepared and READY from the jump! She had an amazing plan for our shoot as well as implemented some of our own ideas into the shots. I really loved her kind and outgoing personality; it really made the whole process so much smoother and fun!! 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Also, her edits are crisp and pristine.

Anniston, AL

Cindy M.

Loved my experience! Rosa is very kind and makes your experience enjoyable and comfortable! I've already booked another photoshoot and so excited to work with her again.

Anniston, AL

Kelsey S.

Rosa did an amazing job capturing my teen and her friend. The process was smooth and easy and the product was well worth the investment!!! We will book again!

Jacksonville State University

Amy C.

Rosa is THE BEST! She worked so well with my little one. Rosa has done, and will continue to do, wonderful work! She has definitely found her calling!

Anniston, AL

Mackenzie N.


Have Questions? Get Answers

Common FAQs

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: I first started educating myself on photography in high school, over 10 years ago. Although I practiced and educated myself for many years during that time, it wasn't until 2020 when I officially launched my business as a professional photographer. I haven't stopped learning since! It has absolutely always been a passion of mine!


A: That's exactly right! Your session fee of $200 covers the time spent in the prep, art direction, photography session itself, as well as the editing time. And once I deliver your online gallery showcasing the photographs captured during your session, you will then have the choice of which collection you would like to order. That way, you get exactly what you want. Plus, there's the added benefit of having access to a complimentary artwork credit in each collection. Simply put what you want to order for physical artwork into your online gallery cart, apply the credit code, and have your artwork shipped directly to your house. Easy.


A: The complimentary artwork credit is easily applied to any artwork that you want, in addition to your chosen digital photographs as part of the collection ordered. I'll simply send you a code to use for your artwork credit, then within your online gallery - you will put whatever artwork that you would like into your cart, then checkout using the credit code. So as an example, if you get a $400 artwork credit and want $1000 worth of physical heirloom artwork, your total artwork order will only be $600. If you have any questions about this, of course, please let me know.

Q: Will You help guide me on what to wear?

A: Absolutely! In addition to access to my client closet, as a part of the #RGP experience, you will receive tips on what to/not to wear directly to your email. with a link to Pinterest boards that will show you many styles and colors that work well together! Further, I'm always more than happy to look at the options that you have or are considering to give advice on what would work best, or what to look for to go well with it. You're certain to look STUNNING for your session! 

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: This might start getting a bit technical, but I personally use a Canon 6D Mark II with prime lenses, my favorites being my 85mm and 35mm. While I am primarily a natural-light photographer, I do keep my Canon Speedlite 430EX II-RT handy for instances where I do not have enough light. I also keep plenty of extra SD cards and batteries on hand to ensure a smooth sailing session.  Every moment matters - and this is where the many years of experience really kicks in.

Q: Do you offer any albums, prints, canvases, guest books, etc?

A: Totally! But I want you feeling 1,000% comfortable and excited about the quality of your photographs before placing orders on those. That way, you only order exactly what you want, when you want, and when you know with confidence that they are going to look amazing on your walls and in your fine art heirloom albums. And all of this is done & ordered right through your online gallery! 

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, I do! The non-refundable $200 session fee is due at the time of booking. If you would like to do the payment plan, I can stretch the collection fee into monthly payments leading up to your session, or even 1/3 or 1/4 payments if it is chosen afterwards. Your images will be delivered once the payments have been made in full. Just let me know what you prefer, and I will make it happen. It's that easy!


Here in the lovely state of Alabama, you never know what Mother Nature may bring! From my years in photography, I have learned to not make a decision too quickly; however, rest assured that I will be watching the weather the week of your session. If there is a tropical storm rolling in, or if popup storms are still in the forecast 24 hours before, we will discuss a day and time at our earliest convenience!

Q: How do I book you for my Session?

A: Love that question the most! To book me for your portrait session, simply email me and say "I'm ready!" and let me know which payment plan, if any, you prefer! I'll send over the next step to get you on the calendar, so keep a close eye on your email!


Located in Central AL

I absolutely cannot wait
to be YOUR photographer!

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This guide has been meant to give you an easy way to build your own custom collection, to get to know me a little bit, and to help give you an insight as to the experience you will receive when working with me. But as always, I am here to answer any questions for you at any time. Just send me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thank you so much!

You will receive a short and sweet session, the RGP experience including preparation tips sent right to your email, and all of my years of experience to help ensure everything is both super fun & super smooth along the way. And if you want heirloom artwork or Christmas cards, it's all there for you, too!

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